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We are specialized in providing products of fabrics, shumagh and ghutra from major Italian fashion houses.

With the launch of our new products, we noticed that we have huge customer demand as a result of what is characterized by our products in terms of high quality & elegant designs that suit the taste of the Gulf man.

Customers loved our products that addresses their requirements of elegance, good finish, quality and modern design which increased the volume of the company’s sales in the Kingdom market from 5,000,000 to 60,000,000 Saudi riyals in 2017.

Company Establishment Date

Tessuti Italiano Trading Co. started its activity in 1999

Company history:

Tessuti Italiano Trading Co. started its activity in 1999 by opening three showrooms in Riyadh, Jeddah and Mecca for two fabrics brands (Ferre and Versace) and one Shumagh brand (Valentino) and some wholesale activities through three wholesale distributors.
Now we have four brands of fabrics, shumagh, and ghutra (Mario Valentino – Tessuti – Murzoti – Doriani) as we deal with more than 1700 distributors nationwide.
The types models of shumagh have increased from one model at the beginning to more than thirty models. The materials fabrics of textures also varied in the same way.

Our vision

We are seeking to become a leading company in the field of Shemagh, ghutra & men’s accessories by satisfying all customers needs by diversifying our products & materials

We tend to increase the number of companies cooperating with us and also increase the number of our sales outlets as we hope to cover all GCC countries.

We always strive to choose quality in order to remain at the top in the Arab Fashion Market.

Our mission

We aim to provide the best materials & fabrics, which are characterized by high quality in the field of Shemagh,Ghutra & men’s accessories so that our quality standards match the highest international standards.

Our Administrative staff

The management & employees of the company were chosen from the major companies working in the same field as they have experience, knowledge of the market & good behavior.

Our Organizational structure

General Manager

Sherif Wahba

Deputy General Manager

Mohammed Nada


Akram Kabel

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